Introducing “Feels Better Than It Sounds” – A New CD by Jawanza Kobie

Feels Better Than It Sounds - A  New CD by Jawanza Kobie Music being the universal language that it is, communicates through emotions. Emotions are usually described by feelings and can be triggered by the senses via sight or sound. When we watch our favorite movie or television shows they are accompanied by dialog and music to evoke some type of emotion so that the viewer will have the total experience. Music alone does the same thing by conjuring up visions and feelings in each of us when it is something comparable to our experiences. When it does, it creates impressions on our souls that stay with us for a long time unlike any other medium. The music on ‘Feels better Than It Sounds’ will touch and leave an impression on a part of your soul with an enjoyable experience. It was designed to do exactly what the title implies; ‘Feel Better…’ than you did before you started listening. The joy and fun that went into making this CD from the writing, playing and recording can be felt and will be hard to escape by the listener. From the first infectious tune to the last, we hope this will be one for your collection that you will reach for time and time again. So go on enjoy and ‘Feel Better’

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