New CD In The Works!

IMG_2009 IMG_2010IMG_2008It has been a challenge, but I can now factually state that we are now in the studio recording new music for the next CD.

I have been asked on many occasion when will we be releasing a new CD. My subscribers of my newsletter who get more detailed information than I share here on my blog or on social media know that I have already recorded two tracks in L.A. with smooth jazz recording artist and guitarist ‘Nils’ as the producer. I also have several unreleased tracks recorded earlier that I intend on working on for release. I will go back in the studio in a month or two for recording additional new tracks.

I will open a session up to the public as a behind the scenes concert and video shoot for those wanting to experience a recording session. If you sign up for my newsletter from this site you will know when this will occur and how you can be a part of this.

These pictures are the only photo record of my recent session in March.

I am extremely excited about these new recordings. I am not prone to repeating the same music or approach of what I have previously shared on my 1st CD. There is a new level of elevated playing and writing that I am most proud.

Please stay tuned>